Friday, April 27, 2012

Ride for Respect August 22 & 23, 2012

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Fundraising Levels 
One Rider                        $1,000
Two Riders/one bike        $1,200
Two Riders/two bikes      $1,500
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Special Olympics Montana
 710 1st Ave N
Great Falls, MT 59401
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Ride for Respect
August 22 & 23, 2012
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yellowstoneJoin us for a wonderful new event to support Special Olympics Montana athletes, families, communities, and the Law Enforcement Torch Run®! This two day motorcycle ride will leave Billings Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 8:00am. Along the way, we will stop in Livingston and pick up more riders, then, head south to the north entrance of Yellowstone Park in Gardiner. From there, we will take a leisurely ride through the majestic northeastern section of the park through Lamar Valley. At the Yellowstone Ranger Station, formally the Buffalo Ranch of Yellowstone Park, we will stop for lunch, after which, we will exit the park through the northeast entrance near Cooke City.
Just when you think you have experienced the most beautiful scenery in the world, the route will take you up and over the Beartooth Highway to an elevation of nearly 11,000 feet. You will truly look down on even more of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Finally, we will meander our way down the mountain to Red Lodge, Montana where we will overnight at the Rock Creek Resort in Red Lodge.
The evening will be full of fun and relaxation. For those who think a little retail therapy is what they need, the stores in Red Lodge are ready to accommodate you! After a wonderful dinner in Red Lodge with a presentation by Special Olympics athletes, it will be just a short ride back to the resort for a variety of activities for you to enjoy, from a poker game, to fishing in a stocked pond, to listening to a cowboy poet, to a sitting around bonfire simply soaking up the memories of the day....
Day two will start a little slower with a nice breakfast and time to stretch and take in more of that great mountain air before we get back on the bikes for a trip up the Beartooth Highway. It looks completely different from this direction and is incredible! From there, we will take yet another beautiful ride over the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. Along the way we will enjoy lunch and then head back toward Billings.
We are not ones to quietly end our event, so, we will make quite a splash as we arrive in Billings with a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Escort. Our ride will end at yet ANOTHER Special Olympics Montana event called Over the Edgeat the First Interstate Bank building. There, we will enjoy great hospitality and join the City of Billings at Alive After 5.
Come join us as a Charter Member of our "Ride for Respect".
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It's not what you ride...
It's what you're riding for!

Bigfork Relay for Life

Status Update
By Bigfork Relay for Life
Relay for Life raises money for The American Cancer Society to support people who are currently fighting cancer and to celebrate those who have beat it. It is a family and community event filled with tons of great food and entertainment. If you would like to participate, donate, or volunteer please message us on facebook or go directly to and start your team online today!! This years Relay is on July 20 and 21st starts at 5pm. See you all there.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Youth Fishing Days Scheduled for Kalispell

Youth Fishing Days Scheduled for Kalispell
There will be a number of contests for three age classes of kids
Get the rods ready. It's fishing season, and two youth fishing days are being held this spring.

Kids, ages 12 and younger, will be allowed to fish during the morning at the grand opening of the Pine Grove Pond just north of Kalispell on Saturday, April 21 from 9-11 a.m. Pine Grove Family Fishing Pond is just off Rose Crossing. The pond will open for family fishing after that. There will be a number of contests for three age classes of kids. Some loaner fishing outfits and assistance will be available.

The second fishing day is the Flathead Fishing Fair at Snappy Sport Senter on Saturday, May 5 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Along with the kids fishing derby for ages 12 and younger there will be a number of fun and educational activities for kids and adults. Fishing will be limited around Snappys Pond for safety.

New this year is a fishing regulation that requires all anglers 15 years and older to release their catches from Family Fishing Ponds to leave harvest for the younger anglers. Daily trout limits for younger anglers vary by pond.

For more info, contact Jim Vashro at 751-4550.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Proper Use of Bear Spray

Proper Use of Bear Spray

While hiking in Glacier National Park, or any wilderness area that has grizzly bears, your best line of defense in the unlikely event of an attack is bear spray. According to one study, bear spray is 95% effective in stopping bear attacks, while firearms are only 55% effective.

Below is a demonstration on how to properly use bear spray by Carnivore Specialist, Nathan Webb. The video was produced in conjunction with the BearSmart program sponsored by the Sustainable Resource Development Department in Alberta, Canada.

In a January 2012 Backpacker Magazine article, Dave Parker, a certified bear spray safety trainer, is quoted as saying that:

"If an animal comes within 50 feet, use your spray. If the bear isn’t running, point the nozzle about 30 feet away, and fire a series of one-to-two-second bursts. If it’s charging, point the spray at the bear’s chest and hold the trigger until the can is fully discharged. Out of spray and the grizzly is still charging? Don’t run, lay on your stomach, cover your head, and play dead."

Jamie Jonkel, a bear management specialist with the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, offers some additional advice:

"If a bear charges from a distance, spray a two to three second burst in the direction of the bear. Experts recommend bear spray with a minimum spray distance of 25 feet.

Point the canister slightly down and spray with a slight side-to-side motion. This distributes an expanding cloud of spray that the bear must pass through before it gets close to you. Spray additional bursts if the bear continues toward you.

Sometimes just the noise of the spray and the appearance of the spray cloud is enough to deter a bear from continuing its charge. Spray additional bursts if the bear makes additional charges.

If you have a sudden close encounter with a bear, spray at the front of the bear. Continue spraying until the bear either breaks off its charge or is going to make contact."

For more information on hiking in bear country, including how to avoid a surprise encounter, please click here.

If you need to purchase bear spray for an upcoming hiking trip, please click here.

Hiking in

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Favorite National Park for Camping -- Glacier National Park

Favorite National Park for Camping -- Glacier National Park
Best of Camping - 2012 Readers' Choice Award Winners
Hole-in-the-Wall backcountry campground. Backpacking in Glacier National Park.
Photo: David Restivo, National Park Service
Campers love the national parks. Each US National Park offers scenic nature and a rugged, natural environment, but Montana's Glacier National Park is the 2012 Readers' Choice Award winner. Glacier is known for its picturesque glacial carved valleys, alpine meadows and rugged peaks in the Northern Rocky Mountains.
What About Camping Readers are saying about Glacier:
  • "Glacier Park has the most scenic and spectacular vistas and mountains. Phenomenal place to go! You have to see it to believe it!" - Sue Ann
  • "So much beauty, animals and great camping!" - Gene Dianna
  • "Love to hike to waterfalls and lakes!"- Angela
  • "It's the most beautiful park in the world!" - Holly
About Glacier National Park:
"With 13 different campgrounds and more than 1,000 campsites to choose from, camping options are plentiful in Glacier National Park; and Glacier is a backpacking paradise, too. Famous for its towering mountains, pristine alpine lakes, abundant wildlife, and more than700 miles of trails, Glacier is an amazing place to visit."
Favorite US National Park for Camping Results:
  • Gold - Glacier
  • Silver - Yellowstone
  • Bronze - Yosemite
  • Runners Up - Great Smoky Mountains and Grand Canyon
The Top 5 US National Parks for Camping: Glacier |Grand Canyon | Great Smoky Mountains |Yellowstone | Yosemite
2012 Readers' Choice Awards Categories:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Plowing On The Going To The Sun Road Has Begun

Spring plowing has begun. This is a picture from the road leading up to the boundary at Two Medicine. Even though it was a fairly light winter for snow, there is still an impressive pile to get through. We will be placing more photos as soon as we get them on our Flickr site. Check it out. (bh)